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WinSPC is real-time statistical process control (SPC) software used to improve product quality, reduce process variation, and optimize manufacturing processes. WinSPC collects process data from the shop floor and transforms it into real-time, actionable quality information. With over 2500 installed facilities worldwide, Cdel IT is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service and support in Latin America and Continental Europe!

Real-Time Statistical Process Control Software

To compete in today's global economy, manufacturers must find new ways to cut costs while consistently delivering a high-quality product. WinSPC provides a lean, effective way for manufacturers to:

-Quickly Improve Quality

-Reduce Variation

-Increase Profitability

WinSPC runs in real-time, on the shop floor, to deliver actionable process information to shop floor operators, quality engineers, supervisors, and managers. WinSPC is the real-time process control software tool of choice for manufacturers that require a best-in-class program because WinSPC provides a deeper level of real-time SPC expertise than other process control software products.


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What WinSPC Does

  • Capture data from almost any source +

    Collect shop-floor data in real-time from virtually any source—gages, devices, machines, and other data sources. WinSPC’s simple, three-step connection process makes it easy to simply connect and begin collecting data from almost anything.
  • Monitor your plant +

    Empower your operators with real-time, actionable intelligence. WinSPC displays real-time control charts on the shop floor—enabling your team to immediately detect and correct process issues.
  • Manage plant-wide performance +

    Gain a bird’s eye view of shop floor processes, resolve problems faster, and manage more effectively using WinSPC Plant Monitor. It runs on the desktop and displays real-time statistics for every data collection station in one convenient window—giving managers a summary view into their plant’s performance from a single screen.
  • Initiate events for process nonconformances +

    Close the quality control loop from "detection-to-correction" by initiating corrective actions for nonconforming processes.
  • Perform point-of-production and real-time statistical analysis +

    Use over 40 SPC charts to analyze in-line processes on-demand, or perform advanced statistical quality analysis using our optional advanced analysis tools.
  • Publish quality reports for management and customers +

    Point, click, create, and publish a variety of enterprise quality reports for customers and executives.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements +

    Enable product and process audit-ability , meet a variety of regulatory requirements, including FDA, ISO, QS/TS and simplify the compliance process.
  • Administer, support and manage with ease +

    Easily support, expand and sustain your real-time SPC software across the enterprise using the industry's most user-friendly SPC software.
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